Painting Your Path

Live Your Sparked Second Half: Interview with Laurie Wright

August 31, 2023 Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey Season 2 Episode 37
Painting Your Path
Live Your Sparked Second Half: Interview with Laurie Wright
Show Notes

Special announcement: For the first time in history, I’m offering a class on how to run your own profitable and fun vision board workshop. If you love making vision boards and love helping people, this class is for you. Link to learn more below under “Connect with Me” section.

Ok, now on to our show!

This one is for my empty nesters. Laurie and I got into all kinds of topics during our time together: reinventing yourself over once the kids are gone; dreaming; intuition. Laurie and I are both strong believers in - it’s never too late and you’re not too old. Throw that stinkin’ thinkin’ out the window. 

About Laurie: Laurie Wright, aka "Not Your Average Grandma," identifies herself as a late-in-life purpose-finder who had a 30+ year career in corporate America before finding her true passion as a certified Master Neurocoach.

With her signature program, The Second Half S.P.A.R.K. School™, Laurie helps women ignite a later-in-life spark by reconnecting with their authentic self and uncovering what they truly want out of life so they will stop wondering “Is this it?”

She also has a podcast called “Living Your Sparked Second Half” where she covers topics intended to inspire listeners to live a happier and more fulfilling second half. I was a guest on her show! I’ll link my episode in the show notes.

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