Painting Your Path

Your Biggest Masterpiece: Interview with Masako Kozawa

September 28, 2023 Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey Season 2 Episode 39
Painting Your Path
Your Biggest Masterpiece: Interview with Masako Kozawa
Show Notes

When you meet new people, do you automatically look for common ground? I do. Today’s guest is no different. I’m ecstatic to share my conversation with Masako Kozawa. She and I are both artists; we both went to grad school for organizational psychology; and we love meditation. What I appreciate about Masako so much is her calming presence. This episode is especially for you if your mind is constantly racing and won’t shut up. Masako will be like a breath of fresh cool air on a hot summer’s day!  

About Masako: Masako Kozawa is a Japanese native and a longtime resident of the U.S. Since a young age, she enjoyed visual art. During her career in the legal industry, she started practicing mindfulness meditation and later became a meditation teacher through CHILL Chicago, now known as CHILL Anywhere. In 2022, she started her podcast, "Why not meditate?". She recently joined InsightTimer as a teacher. She coaches fellow souls to create and live their authentic lives.

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